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“Pack of 1 Fabric Transfer Sheet Size :-25 X 35 cm Fabric transfer: A revolutionary product in the market which can jazz up any fabric product for you . You can use this to decorate your Cushions, Tote bags, Pillows, Approns, Jackets, Curtains, Bed sheets, Table runners, Placemats, T-shirts, Side mats, Wall hangings, etc etc. Directions : **Heat the base a little with iron ( whatever you choose to transfer the print on ) to make it even and flat. **Take the Fabrictransfer and place it upside down in the direction you want to transfer. **Start ironing from the topin circular motion for atleast 5 minutes and making sure all the corners are well pressed. **Once this is done let it cool down for 10 minutes and then start peeling from any one end, if needed take the help of nail or any needle initially if its very intricate design. Please make sure that you peel it gently Please make sure it only comes well once absolutely cool…. *****Tips : **Iron at maximum temperature **Peel only when its cool. **Works best with any fabric . **Iron in circular motions. **Dont leave the edges. **Use a flat base while ironing. **If any part is left you may ironagain. For Youtube video link click here:- “


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